About Ricky "CRANK" Taylor

CRANK is an artist native to PG County, Maryland and currently based out of the DC area. Growing up in the area left Ricky with a hunger to explore his world through art. Not always supported in his artist dreams when it mattered most to him and not finding the best programs to feed his hunger led him to self-curated learning. It is with this practice that he gained a strong foundation as by seeking opportunities that allowed him to self-curate his own . After graduating from high school, Ricky started his college career at The Art Institute of Washington in Arlington, VA. His interest in animation did not last very long once he got a whiff of the stoic work culture and lack of creative freedom he longed for.

After a semester in Ricky realized that it was not for him and chose to set out on his path to do art his way, on his terms.

And has been creating opportunities for himself and others who want to art on their terms, TOO!

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